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Eduard Carreras i Nadal ecarreras gmail com
2005-11-15 14:44:45 UTC

Ja ens han solucionat el problema de la bbdd, avui a la nit intentaré
restaurar-ho tot, però igualment proposo de buscar un lloc alternatiu.


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Category: Project Database Services
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>Status: Closed
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Eduard Carreras i Nadal (afro_style)
>Assigned to: David Burley (burley)
Summary: database migration
>Comment By: David Burley (burley)
Date: 2005-11-15 09:29

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Per the prior announcements via email (sent to all project
admins, no ability to opt-out of them), the site status page
and the MOTD on the project shell server, the MySQL 3.23.x
server was taken down to be replaced by the MySQL 4.1.x service
offering after a month long period for data migration. The
site status entries can be seen here:


Information on the new MySQL 4.1.x offering and how it functions
can be found at:


The migration is the responsibility of the project. Each
possible application will have specific migration needs, as
MySQL 4.1.10a includes quite a few changes over the prior
MySQL versions. For assistance with the migration, contact
the community of users and developers of the software
package you are using.

The MySQL 4.1 documentation may also be useful, and they can
be found here:

Per this request, a copy of your project's MySQL database
has been dumped and placed in your project group directory
on the shell server. The filename is 'DBNAME-mysqldump.gz'.
The gunzip
utility can be used to un-gzip the archive. After you have
completed the
migration please archive a copy of it to your local host for
backup and
delete the archive to free the space used on the shell server.

Thank you,

David Bulrey
Senior Second Level Support Technician, SourceForge.net

El 14/11/05, Eduard Carreras i Nadal <> va escriure:
> El 14/11/05, Oriol Pellicer i Sabrià <> va escriure:
> > A Dilluns 14 Novembre 2005 21:45, Eduard Carreras i Nadal va escriure:
> > > Bueno almenys ja ens han assignat algú :) a veure si ho resolen
> > [...]
> >
> > Doncs val, esperem a veure si ho resolen aviat, i sinó busquem una
> > alternativa.
> Potser encare que ho arreglin a sf.net podriem mirar de fer alguna
> cosa, el que passa és que si no ens arreglen aquest petit problema
> perdem tota la informació de la web (articles, usuaris, documentació,
> tot), ja que no tenim el contingut de la bbdd
> Salut!
> P.D. Quina activitat aquesta nit!! :P
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