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Toni Martinez-Colom t k udg es
2004-03-23 07:16:16 UTC

Si pitges el link que diu FAQ al costat de " The site www.pp.es 
<http://www.pp.es> is running *Microsoft-IIS/5.0* on *Linux*." veuràs que...

*Why do you report impossible operating system/server combinations ?*


Webservers that operate behind a caching system, load balancer, reverse 
proxy server or a firewall may sometimes report the operating system of 
the intermediate machine. Hence reports of 'Microsoft/IIS on Linux' may 
indicate that either the web server is behind a Linux server that is 
acting as a reverse proxy, or has configured the Akamai caching system 
such that the first request to the site goes to one of Akamai's servers 
[which run Linux], or as in the case of www.walmart.com has been 
configured to send a misleading signature.


Eduard Carreras i Nadal wrote:

>Nosé ni com ni perquè, però per casualitat he provat
>http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph?site=www.pp.es i juas! no ho entent
>Vinga bona nit!

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